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Manned Guarding


Manned guarding is any guarding of buildings and facilities by at least one security guard.
Our company PELEKYS GROUP has many years of experience in manned guarding. It provides this service giving great importance to the selection of staff and its thorough training. For this reason, it can respond effectively and consistently to any such storage.




Our company PELEKYS GROUP provides this service by owning reliable vehicles with reliable drivers and security guards. Immediate intervention in each target with experience in recognizing and suppressing any event.



Escort - Protection of VIPs

protection_ VIP

Knowing the degree of danger of the protection and / or escort of very important persons (VIPs), our company has the appropriate license to provide security services in accordance with Law 2518/1997, as in force today. PELEKYS GROUP ensures the appropriate selection of trained guards or escorts according to the requirements of each case.