prosopikoSecurity Personel of PELEKYS GROUP :

  • Is either in uniform or in political attire (after consultation with the customer).

  • Has the proper work permit according to Law 2518/1997, as in force today.

  • Follows the proper rules of professional conductaccording to Law 2518/1997, as in force today.

  • Has the required identity of security personnel in which are listed all the necessary information as defined by Law 2518/1997, as in force today.

  • Is equipped with the necessary communication and security equipment such as bulletproof vests, radio communication, flash lights, reflective vests etc.

  • Supervises order and security both inside and in the surrounding areas of the building (eg car parks), prohibiting the movement and / or transfer of objects without the prior permission of the authorities.

  • Intervenes immediately for the prevention of any malicious activity to the detriment of the monitored areas, so as to avoid any damage to the facilities.

  • Is specially trained in detection of threats or dangers,in the prevention of theft and malicious activities,,in the prevention of unauthorized entry into the manned space and in dealing with any other nuisance.

  • Conducts complete and preventive checks on security and fire safety systems.

  • Is trained to deal immediately with emergencies such as fire, flood or gas leakage.

  • Undertakes the proper handling, the operation and the control of all security systems such as alarms, CCTVs and access controls).

  • Keeps daily Incident Books, informing the client in all the necessary details - and when necessary the competent public services - of suspicious or dangerous events.

  • Keeps Incoming - Outgoing Records, keeping the details of each visitor, external collaborator or observer at the premises.