Why Pelekys Group

We take care of your safety.

  • Strict selection & provision of professional security guards specializing in commercial and industrial protection, as they have consistently completed a full range of security seminars: surveillance, theft and sabotage prevention, site and facility control, suspicious behavior detection, communication skills and professional ethics. Realizing that you can not be omnipresent, we become your eyes and ears. Our staff is an active and dynamic presence, which exists where it is absent, safeguarding your safety in the best possible way.

  • Immediate emergency response with the Department of Immediate Response, which is on standby around the clock, on a daily basis, for the immediate management of alarm signals or calls for assistance. The teams of the department consist of highly trained executives, capable of acting with speed, accuracy and reliability.

  • Provision, installation and maintenance of the most advanced, quality and reliable systems in the international market. Specialized technicians will guide you in choosing the right system that best meets your requirements, providing you with every possible support.

  • Advisory support with on-site study and evaluation from the security point of view of each installation in order to propose the best and most cost-effective combination of security services and systems. The experienced consultants of our company, in collaboration with the management of your company, will prepare a special plan with solutions in safety management systems, human resources, physical security, daily workplace procedures and crisis management plans.